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Travel Mindanao and be enjoy the great views. 

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Cassava hills, Brgy Maligo Polomolok, South Cotabato

Going to Cassava is an hour and a half from Poblacion, Polomolok. We crossed a lot of pineapple fields and just like any other adventures road trips are the bombs.  

The hills of Cassava are the loveliest place to rest and unwind. Just looking at the view; the experience was priceless. My friends and I hiked the area at 10 am in the morning, the heat was extremely hot; very hot the I almost wanna go back home. It was suicidal to be under the sun at 38* C. The air started to get lightly cold when we get to the hill peak.  Amazing view, amazing adventure! 

We rested and had our lunch at 3 PM, and yup we starved to death.

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Have you ever been to Mindanao? How was the experience? Share your Mindanao adventures and pictures with the hashtag #wandermindanao and we’ll feature your story on our blog.

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Kaputian, Samal Island

If you live in Davao City where the government has an iron fist and smoking everywhere is highly prohibited, drinking session is up till 12 o’clock only or you work/study hard that you need to unwind, well Samal Island is the best place for you. 

From the heart of Davao to Sasa wharf is a 15-20 mins ride depends upon the traffic for only P15. Ticket for the barge ride is P10 only and you’ll get to experience another 15 mins adventure with trucks, buses and cars across the sea.

From Samal wharf you’ll get to choose what transportation you want. The fare varies depending on what type of transportation are you going to choose. Kaputian, Samal is a 2 hour ride and just like any other ride it’s quiet tiring and boring so you need to bring things that will make you entertain. And when you get there it’s your time to wander! Enjoy :)

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Punta Isla Lake Resort

This is in relation to the post about  Lake Sebu. Punta Isla Lake Resort is one of the famous resort and Inn located in Tokuful, Lake Sebu South Cotabato. From General Santos City, it’s 2- 3 hour ride though it’s worth it. 

We left Gensan at 7 oclock in the morning and arrived at the location 15 mins. before 10. Since we haven’t had our breakfast we ordered at their restaurant. It took an hour for the food to be delivered however a group of native T’boli blaan entertained us with their dance, music, culture and story it was really cool. 

After eating we headed near the lake and rode the tour boat for 50 Php per head it was great, the tour guide was very polite and she explained to us where and what is the history about their culture. 

Well over all it was a good trip and did I said Punta Isla is free?  Yes you don’t need to pay an entrance fee! :)


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I go by the name of Kristine. Just turned nineteen last December of 2013. I am a self proclaimed artist who loves to paint; and do photo shoots. I’ve been to several regions of Luzon and different islands and provinces of Visayas but none of them beats the natural native land of Mindanao which I call my home; no offense.

When it comes to nature, fresh air, tall trees, bountiful of natural resources, farm life, wild life, mountains, great culture and down to earth people Mindanao is a place to be so sit back, save your allowance and book your ticket for your next trip.


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"When you stay in your room and rage or sneer or shrug your shoulders, as I did for many years, the world and its problems are impossibly daunting. But when you go out and put yourself in real relation to real people, or even just real animals, there’s a very real danger that you might end up loving some of them. And who knows what might happen to you then?"
– Jonathan Franzen (via paradoxicalsentiments)

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Because we only live once.

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